You think you are kicking sobriety’s ass, then something real happens

Losing a close friend to cancer when you live on the opposite side of the planet is hard, losing a friend when you are trying to stay sober is harder. Red wine, vodka all of my best drinks were here enticing me into the dark hole. Then a drunk friend with worse sobriety issues shows up like a message from the universe. 

To my friends. Thank you.


It is simple, I was unhappy so I just stopped

ImageMany years of struggling with weight, mental health issues, self esteem issues. I hit the few months before turning 30 and started to realise that things needed to change.

I had to be proud of me, instead of seeking external approval. Strangely after all of these changes, there is an external ripple. Many are looking in the mirror  after  seeing a change in the biggest craziest party girl from constantly drunk to sober.

Still having an amazing time, just drinking top shelf mocktails instead.

Yes, I still dance  and party til’ late. Same girl, better attitude.

More self love.

sober after 15 years